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Enjoy access to Shawn’s Private YouTube Channel featuring more than 35 HD Instructional video segments. Shawn is assisted by PGA Tour player Rob Oppenheim and PGA Tour Champions player Fran Quinn

  1. One-Handed Drill with Fran Quinn
  2. Solid Iron Shots with Fran Quinn
  3. Fairway Finder with Rob Oppenheim
  4. Field Goal Drill with Shawn Hester
  5. Impact: No More Scooping with Shawn Hester
  6. High Bomb with Rob Oppenheim
  7. Drive it Like The King with Shawn Hester
  8. Rhythm Drill with Shawn Hester
  9. Scoring Iron Control with Fran Quinn
  10. Stop Hanging Back with Shawn Hester
  11. Preparing Your Body to Play with Fran Quinn
  12. Stability Drill with Shawn Hester
  13. Low Trouble Shot with Rob Oppenheim
  14. High Trouble Shot with Rob Oppenheim
  15. Escape the Fairway Bunker with Rob Oppenheim
  16. Putting Practice On Tour with Rob Oppenheim
  17. Putting Drill Inside 10 Feet with Shawn Hester
  18. Putting Drill to Make Those Knee-Knockers with Shawn Hester
  19. Spice-up your Putting Practice with Shawn Hester
  20. Train Your Eyes, Then Trust with Shawn Hester
  21. Eliminate 3-putts with Shawn Hester
  22. Gate Drill with Fran Quinn
  23. Lag Putting Drill with Fran Quinn
  24. Green Reading with Shawn Hester
  25. Putting Routine with Fran Quinn
  26. Putting Drill to Ditch Your Slump
  27. Alternative to Lob Wedge with Shawn Hester
  28. Reading the Greenside Lie with Shawn Hester
  29. Chipping Club Selection with Rob Oppenheim
  30. Scoring Iron Control with Fran Quinn
  31. Short-sided Chipping with Rob Oppenheim
  32. Greenside: Low Runner vs High and Soft with Shawn Hester
  33. Flop Shot with Rob Oppenheim
  34. Dial in Your Wedges with Rob Oppenheim
  35. Chipping Simplified with Shawn Hester
  36. Conquer that awkward Wedge Distance with Shawn Hester
  37. Handling Tight Lies with Shawn Hester

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